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Buying a New Launch Condo in Singapore

Understand Your Finances Finding out how much you can actually afford to pay and setting a budget for your new home should be the first step when making a property purchase. Bank Loan The amount money that you can potentially borrow depends on your creditworthiness and the Loan-To-Value limit imposed by the Monetary Authority of

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Freehold Condo with Enbloc Potential

Benefits of Owning a Freehold Property in Singapore One of the key benefits for owning a freehold property is the perpetuity of ownership that grants the owner the peace of mind that the lease will never run out. Such properties are especially useful for legacy planning because they allow owners to pass them down from

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10 Steps to Selling Private Property in Singapore

If you are not intending to engage with a property agent, choosing to sell your property may be a bit of a hassle. Not only do you have to settle most of the paperwork yourself, being able to market your property and look for a buyer may not be an easy task for many of

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A closer analysis of blockchain and disrupting the real estate industry

Blockchain has been hailed ‘the great disruptor’ of the decade for more reasons than one. Not only will it purportedly revolutionise the music, finance, healthcare, insurance, education, security, and government industries, but it is also set to upend the real estate industry by improving the leasing and purchase and sale process, among countless other things.

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8 Ways to Upgrade from HDB to Condo: The Ultimate Guide 2020

Public housing is the most common form of housing ownership here in Singapore, with over 80% of Singaporeans residing in one. Yet, there are also private houses, in which upgrading to one is subjectively deemed as rising towards the upper echelons of society. Perhaps, after living in your humble abode for a while now, it

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9 Market Insights to Property Investment in Singapore

1. How do people make money from property? Capital Appreciation Capital Appreciation occurs when the value of the property increases above its purchase price over time. For instance, when a property that you paid $500,000 for rises in worth over time and commands a value of $800,000, the Capital Appreciation of the property is said

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10 Step Guide: Buying Resale Condo in Singapore

Working out your finances to understand your budget The amount money that you can potentially borrow depends on your creditworthiness and the Loan-To-Value limit imposed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. You can expect to obtain up to 75% of the property price on your first housing loan but this is subjected to the loan

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10 Reasons New launch vs Resale Condo: Which is Better Investment?

You are likely to be someone interested in investing in properties, perhaps your first time wanting to be involved in this multi-trillion dollar industry of investing in properties. Yet, you are conflicted between investing in a newly launched condominium, or one that is put up for resale. A newly launched condominium may have its perks

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Can foreigners buy property in Singapore?

Why invest in a property in Singapore Given the compelling reasons that make Singapore a lucrative choice for property investment, it is no surprise that Singapore’s properties were perceived to be “fairly valued” in a report published by investment bank UBS in 2018. Firstly, Singapore’s property market is established upon stable political governance, sound economic

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