Midwood Price

Midwood condo price list base on room size, unit type and stack.

Price List by Unit Types

No. of RoomsUnit TypeSqmSqftNo. of UnitsStackPrice Min. Price Max.
1 Bedroom(1)a454845606, 16751000985000
1 Bedroom(1)a145484206, 16746000799000
1 Bedroom(1)b454845501, 11748000930000
1 Bedroom(1)b145484111769000769000
1 Bedroom(1)c146495204, 14842000842000
1 Bedroom (with Study)(1+1)a515495509, 198870001082000
1 Bedroom (with Study)(1+1)a151549119SOLDSOLD
2 Bedroom(2)a596355510, 209750001250000
2 Bedroom(2)a15963512010010001001000
2 Bedroom(2P)a657005604, 1411210001391000
2 Bedroom(2P)b646895605, 1510680001378000
2 Bedroom(2P)b164689205, 1510630001172000
2 Bedroom (with Study)(2+1)a7378627712090001437000
2 Bedroom (with Study)(2+1)b7277527212790001482000
3 Bedroom(3)a83893271314740001617000
3 Bedroom(3)b8490427813960001594000
3 Bedroom (with Yard)(3Y)a92990281815290001755000
3 Bedroom (with Yard)(3Y)a19299011815550001555000
3 Bedroom (with Yard)(3Y)b9299027316340001832000
4 Bedroom(4)a1161249281719280002144000
4 Bedroom(4)a1116124911719600001960000
4 Bedroom(4)b1171259281220230002239000
4 Bedroom(4)b11171259112Call to enquire for pricingCall to enquire for pricing
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