Singapore Property Investment Plan

Achieving wealth doesn’t simply happen, it’ s the outcome of an effective strategy. Planning is bringing the distant future into the present so that you can act upon it right now!


If you are a beginner property investor looking for a time-tested strategy for property investment in Singapore or an established investor who has hit a wall, or if you want an objective opinion about your current situation, you may book a Free – No Obligation Singapore Property Investment Plan Consultation.

Consultation is provided by a Licensed Real Estate Consultant in Singapore.
100% Free – No Commission Payable. You are not required to purchase any course or trainings.


Why a Property Investment Plan is Necessary?

When you have a Property Investment Plan, you are more likely to achieve your investment goals because our experienced planners will help you with the following:

  • Define your financial goals
  • Assess if your goals are realistic, especially for your timeline
  • Assess the suitable type of investment property base on your profile
  • Keys to identify profitable properties in Singapore
  • Property investment Entry and Exit strategies
  • Measure your property investment progress if your property portfolio is working for you
  • Find ways to increase your wealth through property investment
  • Identify risks area you haven’t considered before

Who is this Property Investment Plan Suitable for?

Our Property Investment Plans are not only for the high net worth individuals, that are not sure what to do with their wealth. Even though they are the typical profile of property investors.

Having a comprehensive property investment plan can benefit people at all income levels

Our property investment plan and consultation is for anyone who is keen to build wealth through property investment in Singapore and needs some clarity on their next steps.

If you look at the lives of wealthy individuals, they almost always had good financial decisions at an early age or advice passed down for generations. The earlier you start making smart decisions with the plan, the better off you’ll be attaining the goals. Don’t underestimate the importance of having a strategic plan for your future. So don’t dismiss the concept of getting a comprehensive property investment plan only for well-established property investors.


Beginning Property Investors

With the Property Investment Plan we will help your future planning and to help you avoid common mistakes that majority of first time property investors make.

For example, we will explain whether it is better for you to purchase a home or an investment property first.

You will be provided with a detailed financial plan to help you understand your cash flow and borrowing capacity.

Established Property Investors

Our property investment plan also include the writing of a strategic property plan tailored to your circumstances. 

We objectively review your current portfolio’s performance with regard to capital growth, cash flow, and future potential to see if you are on course to achieving your financial goals.


Then we run a series of scenarios to see which might help you accelerate your wealth creation path. These could include selling off some of your investments or buying more investment property or a house.

You also get a detailed financial plan which looks at your borrowing ability as well as methods for increasing your cash flow.

And the benefit is that you will be able to make better and more informed decisions that will come from the plan.

Wondering if our
Property Investment Plan
could be a great fit for you?

This property investment plan is not for you if you’re looking to get rich quick through property. We don’t know how to do that safely.

This plan is not for you if you do not have any savings yet, but if you are already on the way to saving a deposit for the property and want to know how long it might take with different amounts saved each month, this plan can help.

If you don’t have the right mindset to save, borrow, and invest in property to create wealth, this course might not be for you. We’d prefer first that you become financially literate and learn the basics of saving, finance, investing, and wealth creation.

Now I’ll explain the details of our Property Investment Plan, which will give you a step-by-step guide to becoming a successful property investor and gaining financial freedom. If you’re unsure what steps to take next in property, why not leave us your details by clicking the link below so we can get back to you and organise an obligation-free chat with one of our property strategists?

7 Steps involved in preparing your personalised Property Investment Plan

When you receive the Property Investment Plan, you will have ..

A detail financial plan

to help you understand the amount of finances required at each stage of the property investment

An step by step execution plan

to help you make more rational property purchase decisions. Remember: when your emotions are high, your financial decisions suffer.

Depending on the recommendations in your Property Plan, adjustments to your original plans, portfolio, or debt structure may be necessary. (All Steps Below are 100% Free with No Obligation)

First, we figure out what you want and need. The initial consultation is a session for us to understand more about you, your goals and aspirations, and you get to know us better and see if having us develop a Strategic Property plan for you would be of value, as having a comprehensive plan may not suit everyone.

Our property strategist will engage you in a deeper discussion to understand your current financial budget set aside for your property investment, risk profile, investment time frame and understand your objectives (Example: Investement properties with cash flow vs. Higher capitial apperciation properties).



Our property strategist will design a customized plan for your short-and long-term goals after doing the appropriate research on your current situation and property portfolio. This plan will be based on your priorities, most important goals and help you weigh decisions along the way that can strengthen your plan and address potential risks.


The preparation and research phase requires time. After a week or two, you will be presented with your written Strategic Property Plan, which will show you what’s working, what’s not, what’s possible for your finances, and what you may have to change in order to get where you hope to be financially. You will usually be given a number of different scenarios to consider.

This will be followed by an implementation meeting, where your property strategist can discuss your various options with you. At this stage we will begin to short list suitable properties that fits your investement profile and timeline and will begin to arrange for new launch showflat/ resale property viewings.